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A Season of Renewal

Happy 2020!!

Another year has come and gone.Does anyone else feel like 2019 gave them whiplash it went by so fast? As some of you may seen from my Instagram post this has been a rough year for me. Finding balance between work and home completely overwhelmed me. I felt as though if I wasn't letting my family down by having to work , then I was letting my clients down by not being available for them. I left no time for myself. I became constantly stressed about not being able to keep up with the kids, housework, clients, and salon business. Depression hit hard. I didn't want to deal with anything anymore. I was constantly having to give of myself but I had nothing to give.

When Christmas came and I wasn't even remotely excited for it I knew I needed to address things. I love Christmas. Everything about it! Its totally my time of year. But this year I just couldn't get into it. Once my kids mentioned that it didn't even feel like Christmas I realized that I was really just going through the motions but not with the usual excitement. Gavin told me that "Chippy" our elf on the shelf wasn't as creative as he normal is. I need to address this.

So how many of you do words of the year? Every year for the last few years I've chosen a word for the year to be a focus point. I heard from some of you on Instagram what words you have chosen. I got gratitude, prioritize, intentional. All awesome words. This year I had a hard time coming up with a word. In past years the words have just come to me. But this year I really had to do some seeking out of a word. Probably because I was so drained. Which actually made the word even more fitting when it came to me.


- to make new: restore to freshness, vigor or perfection

- to restore, regenerate, replenish

It's time to renew myself. Renew my spirit. Find a better balance and give myself grace that some days home will win and some days work will win. Find the joy in my life that I've lost. Make me time.

I invite you long as I this year about finding what renewal looks like for me and encourage you to do the same! To be honest I don't know how this will look and I'd love to hear how you all renew yourselves. Also make sure to follow along on my Instagram @kmtbeauty where I'll share what I've tried and the suggestions I get sent.

Here's to a Happy Renewing 2020 for all of us!


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